.750 Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block - Set Screw Style (MADE IN USA)

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Product Overview

The Tiger Rock Inc Adjustable Gas Block is field adjustable and easy to operate, simply turn the gas regulating screw in to lessen the amount of gas and out to add more gas.
Regulating the gas used to cycle the action allows tuning the rifles operation to a specific load. Doing so will allow you to have faster follow up shots and better target acquisition and reliability.
Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block with set screw design that allows full control of your gas system.
(No tool included)
  • Mil-Spec dimensions
  • .750 diameter
  • Hardened Steel construction
  • Black Finish
  • Adjustable Gas Flow
  • Made in USA
  1. Tighten tension screw in rear to allow resistant movement of gas screw
  2. Install gas block
  3. Tighten bottom screws
  4. Adjust gas with gas screw
    (M4 or larger profile barrels you might have to readjust tension screw after installing)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review