POST 2022

Posted by H R Retail on 19th Nov 2022

Thanks to all of you for your support who have met up with us at the gun show events this year. For those who have not had the opportunity, let us introduce to you the newest aspect to our business en … read more

POST 2021

Posted by H R Retail on 19th Nov 2022

Recently, we had an individual who contacted us about one of our laser flashlights. He said he tried everything he could to get it to work, but the darn thing wouldn't turn on. Lucky for us, we had an … read more

Welcome to Our New Website!

Posted by H R Retail on 6th Dec 2021

We're happy you're here!We'll be blogging infrequently about details on some products, the business industry, or whatever else you might think about wanting to hear so just drop us an email and sign … read more