Remington 700 Long Action 17-Slot Picatinny Rail

Monstrum Tactical

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The Remington 700 Long Action Picatinny Rail Mount is a dedicated optic mounting platform built specifically for Remington 700 Long Action rifles, allowing for precision mounting of your preferred scope.

The rail is compatible with Long Action Remington 700 models only. These include the following cartridge chambers:

270 Winchester

300 Win Mag

30-06 Springfield

25-06 Remington

338 Lapua

You can further verify whether your rifle is long action by measuring the distance between the screws on your receiver.

The distance between screws for long action rifles will be 7.35 inches.

If the distance between screws is 6.5 inches, then your rifle is short action and will require our Remington 700 Short Action Picatinny Rail Mount.

The Picatinny rail section installs directly to the factory mounting holes in the Remington 700 via the included set screws. The rail sections are compatible with both Picatinny and Weaver based rings and optics. 6.9 inches or 17 rail slots in length, the rail allows for flexible placement of your optic for optimum eye relief and cheek weld.

The 0 MOA mount is completely level and is suitable for zeroing your scope at short to mid range distances.

Crafted from lightweight 6061 grade aluminum. All Monstrum optics mounting products come with a lifetime guarantee